Tech Tips: Time to winterize

When the days get shorter and the sun is lower in the sky…It gets cold!   Time to make sure your boat is ready for winter.

Winterizing Checklist from Expedition Yacht Sales

Winterizing your boat will keep her in the very best condition. It is much better to avoid any problems by getting your boat ready for the cold.

Remember to only run your engine in the winter if you have time to take it to full operating temperature.  The retained heat in the engine will allow the engine internals to dry and prevent condensation and corrosin.  Resist the temptation to run it for only a few minutes.

This is also the best time to fill the diesel tank, be sure to use an additive to the fuel that prevents fungal growth such as Racor Biocide or Biobor JF.   A full tank helps prevent condensation forming.

Blocking the air intakes on the hull sides keeps cold air from flowing thru the engine room.  This may be most important single thing you can do to prevent freeze in the systems.

Use your boat in the winter!  It will be the best way for both the boat and owner to stay happy!

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